Internal Audit


The Hospital have their own comprehensive Audit Department. The team is headed by the Administrative Officer of Accounts who has an Internal Auditor who is responsible for the Internal Audit of the whole Hospital. Physical Verification of Stock and Store according to the books is carried out and report prepared on monthly basis which is submitted to the M.S. for necessary action. The M.S., discusses this report with the Chairman on monthly basis.

External Audit


The accounts of the Hospital are also audited by the following four external agencies :-

1. Director General Audit Punjab, Lahore, Department of Auditor General of Pakistan.
2. Director Zakat Audit, Department of Auditor General of Pakistan.
3. Internal Audit of Zakat Fund Accounts by Ministry of Religious Affairs Zakat & Usher, Islamabad.
4. M/S A.F.Ferguson and Co., a well reputed commercial firm of Chartered Accountants.

The reports of the Audit teams are submitted before the Managing Committee for their information and discussion in the meetings.

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