In-patients Department

In-patients Department includes TB wards, Oncology ward, Asthma and other Non-TB chest wards, Chest Surgery Unit and Cardiac Complex.

In 1947, Hospital started with only 50 beds, but, at present, Hospital is serving 1500 in patients. These patients are suffering from  chest diseases including Tuberculosis and cardiac ailments. Complicated cases of TB , diagnostic problems and Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis  require indoor care of patients and  occupy most of our indoor beds. All required investigations and treatment is provided free of charge. Treatment of one patient of Multi Drug Resistant TB approximately costs Rs 100,000 to Rs 150,000. but with the help of philanthropistsHospital is providing this treatment to all patients free of charge for a duration of almost 2 years. All other cases of TB( drug sensitive) are treated through DOTS(Directly Observed Treatment Short course) for a duration of 6 months .

All indoor patients are provided  good food at breakfast, lunch and dinner without any cost.

It is not the body aches and pains or physical stresses only but the suffering is much more. There are mental and socioeconomic strains also. There are men who are the only bread-earners for their families and are lying helpless in Hospital beds. They are always worried about their children and parents back home who may not have anything to eat or wear. And there are women who have been divorced only because they have tuberculosis. They are frightened for they do not know what lies in future for them or their kids!

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