Let nobody’s mother die of tuberculosis in the hospital where my mother got treatment

Decades ago, an old lady got admission in a private room of Gulab Devi Chest Hospital. She was suffering from tuberculosis .She was treated well. When she got better, her son visited the Medical Superintendent and told him that he wanted to construct a ward in the Hospital for poor patients.The Medical Superintendent gladly agreed when the donor said, ” My mother was treated in your Hospital and she got better .Fortunately , I could afford the expenses but when I see many people dying of tuberculosis because they cannot afford treatment , I feel gloomy .That ‘s why I want to construct this ward”.

The ward was constructed and remained functioning throughout his life. A well know figure: politician, film maker-actor, famous folk singer but who always loved to be known as a social worker’ is not with us today but his services to the Hospital are immortal .

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