My children don’t require my money why shouldn’t this be used for a more noble cause!

A few years back, a dignified person came to our Hospital and showed his inclination to donate some money to the Hospital. Upon inquiry regarding his objective, he said : “People want to leave assets for their children. .Alhamdolillah (Thanks to Almighty ) both of my sons are working as radiologists in USA and earning handsome salaries . They don’t require my money’ and I want to leave a notable asset for them .So I will be pleased if this money is utilized for a noble cause like construction of a ward in this Hospital”. In this way, a complete surgical unit was constructed with Operating Theatre, rooms and two wards for general patients. The philanthropist not only constructed the Ward but also agreed to bear the running expenditure of the Ward .A reasonable amount is being deposited into the account under head of the said Ward every year, sufficient to meet the expenses of maintenance of the ward.

What a wonderful asset for his sons he has planned!

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