July 19, 2024







Trauma and Orthopedics Department has been established as part of Gulab Devi Educational Complex and we are proud to achieve several mile stones in a very short time. We are offering Adult and Pediatrics trauma services, Elective orthopedics services, Sports Injuries (Arthroscopic ACL Recon Knee and Rotator Cuff repair Shoulder) and Arthroplasty services under supervision of Our Foreign Qualified Faculty. We are proud to say that we are Only Govt Setup offering Arthroscopic treatment of Wrist and Ankle Joint conditions. Our first research looking into the surgical site infection rate has already been completed and we are proud to be standing next to International institutions in our Results with surgical site infection rate of only 1.6%. This is just the beginning and we Aim to improve and expand our services to further serve the communities. We are Dedicated and Organised to look after our patients for best possible outcomes.


To deliver Better Health for our communities through population-wide and individual focused initiatives. The aim is to maximize health and well being and prevent illness


To deliver effective and high quality health services. To act to improve the health of our population and to do everything we can to address the causes of health inequalities

Our Doctors


We perform all types of trauma and elective orthopedic surgery.

We have latest Arthroscopic equipment and perform Arthroscopic procedures on shoulder, knee and ankle joints

We treat sports injuries as well.