Pathology Department

pathology Department

The Hospital has the latest equipment and investigative facilities for pulmonary as well as cardiac diseases. It is staffed by a Professor of Histopathology, a Professor of Pathology, an Assistant Professor of Microbiology and a Assistant Professor of Histopathology.

The Pathology Department has the following Sections.

The Haematology Section is equipped with fully automated Sysmex K 4500 for complete blood examination, Coagulometer Sysmex CA 50 for complete range of coagulation profiles. MP, L.E. cells and bone marrow examinations are also performed in this Section.


Blood grouping, cross matching and screening of blood for HBsAg, HCV, and HIV is done. All tests and blood bags are provided free of charge.

chemical pathology

It is the busiest Section and is equipped with Selectra E fully automated Chemistry analyzer, Micro lab 300, Micro lab 200 Chemistry analyzers and Easylyte plus Analyzer for serum electrolytes.

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 Heamatalogy gulab devi HospitalCHEMESTERY SECTION


It comprises of the following:
Laboratory for AFB Smear, AFB Culture & Sensitivity
This unit of laboratory is not only performing clinical investigations work but is also actively involved in research work.The clinical tests performed routinely are:
1. Fungus Culture
2. AFB Culture and Sensitivity
3. Sputum Smear for AFB

GenXpert  gulab devi hsoptal lahore afb test in microlab gulab devi hospital

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Main research projects are:
1. Evaluation of Primary Resistance in Previously Untreated Patients.
2. Pattern of Drug Resistance in Previously Treated Patients.

General Microbiology Section
This part deals with:
1. Pyogenic Culture an Sensitivity (sputum, pus, fluids, urine etc.)
2. Blood Culture and Sensitivity
3. Urine Routine Examination
4. Fluid Routine Examination
5. Gram Staining

 Histopathology and cytology

Pulmonary Histopathology and Cytology Section is the biggest facility in Pakistan regarding diagnosis of lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases. It provides diagnostic facilities for:
1. Histopathology Specimens
2. Cytopathology Specimens
3. F.N.A.C. Specimens.

It is equipped with:
• Auto Processor
• One Shandon U.K
• Microtomes Rotary (Two)
• One Shandon U.K
• Camera (Leica, Germany )
• High Speed Centrifuge (Hettich, Italy)
• Digital Floating Bath (Hettich ,Italy)
• Microscopes(Olympus, Japan)
• Microscope with Camera Head (Leica, Germany)

Pathology Department is also providing drug-testing facilities for the anti-TB drugs. Free laboratory facilities are provided to general ward patients, which constitute about 99% of the total admitted cases.

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