July 19, 2024





Cardiac Surgery


The Department of Cardiac Surgery is providing surgical patients with best possible comprehensive & compassionate care through outstanding surgical results.
This Department aims towards the advancement in clinical research and teaching with dedication and excellence in patient care, comprised of two surgeon and a team of medical officers.

Future Opportunities/Scope

Innovative research and advancement in new and less invasive surgical techniques.
Hybrid procedures and collaboration of cath lab.
Cardiac Surgery training programs, evaluation and feedback training programs.
Establishment of ECMO for cardiac + respiratory failure patients.


To offer a spectrum of high-tech cardiac surgical treatment, postoperative care and rehabilitation.
To provide humanitarian and welfare services to community regardless of their socioeconomic status.


To provide safe, cost effective and quality services to cardiac surgical patients.
To regularize professional training and implementation of professional standards regarding doctors, nursing staff and paramedics.
To emphasize teamwork and collection with other departments.


Main Cardiac Surgery ICU of 5 beds.

Step-down Surgical ICU of 10 beds.

Cardiac Surgery preop ward of 20 beds.

Fully equipped Operation Theater.

24 hours emergency service.

OPD follow up and Rehabilitation Services.

INR Clinic.