June 24, 2024







The subject of ear, nose & throat (ENT) is one of the essential clinical subject for MBBS course. Our department at AAMC has developed into a full fledged department regarding the teaching faculty and clinical teaching facilities. It is a 15 beded ward with separate male and female ward and has the capacity to enhance beds when required. The department’s OPD facility is upto the mark & roughly 50 to 60 patients visit daily. No of OPD patients are steadily rising. This department is presently approved by CPSP for MCPS training.


To create an environment of mutual respect and trust in the department so that our patients get maximum care and trainees excel within available resources.


It is newly establish Depth at Gulab Devi teaching Hospital .it will be out utmost wish to establish it such that clinical work up to recent advances.

Our Doctors


This department regularly manage all types of Outdoor cases, emergencies & perform all routine ENT operations like Tonsillectomy, Septoplasty/SMR/Intra nasal Polypectomy, FESS, Mastoidectomies, Esophagoscopies, Direct Laryngoscopy.

Compromises two rooms for patient’s examination

There is one minor procedure room available in OPD for regular suction clearance nose, ear and other minor procedures.

Our ward is a 15 beded one, with the capacity for extra beds when required. It is purpose built ward with all the facilities.