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General Medicine


Since the time immemorial, provision of healthcare has been of prime importance for mankind. With the development of civilisation, it has evolved into various branches which are now known as specialities. Medicine is one of the major fields of any health care system. Department of Medicine not only caters to health services for the community, but also is a source of learning and training for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students. Department of Medicine of Gulab Devi Teaching Hospital consists of Two medical units. Each unit is headed by Professor who is assisted by competent faculty. Department is actively engaged in both under and post graduate medical education for last many years. Currently Department of Medicine is offering training for FCPS training program. Intermediate module (IMM) General Medicine for allied specialities and FCPS Medicine. Examining body is College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP). FCPS & IMM General Medicine program under University of Health Sciences (UHS).

Being part of major tertiary care hospital, department of Medicine provides 24/7 indoor and emergency medical services along with outpatient cover on six working days. Consultancy cover is provided to the hospital regarding medical issues. Department of Medicine is actively involved in management of present-day major health issues like dengue epidemic. Dedicated staff has provided round the clock health cover for these crisis like situation. Department of Medicine Is aware of its social responsibility. In this regard, community awareness programs are conducted in form of walk and seminars regarding health issues like hepatitis, Diabetes Mellitus. Dengue fever and Hypertension. Faculty and trainees are involved in number of research projects. It helps to promote the culture of seeking and improving knowledge.

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