November 29, 2023






Dermatology Department Ghulab Devi Hospital is a fully functional 20 bedded indoor and outdoor patient department running under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Abaidullah, Assistant Professor of Dermatology. •The curriculum includes student presentations, interaction, feedback and workshops. The department has phototherapy, topical skin therapies, patch test, latest machinery/equipment, educational charts and reference books.


To create a state of art dermatology department that will excel both in clinical dermatology and aesthetics/cosmetology so that post graduate trainee get better training in all basic and advanced techniques.


Our Vision is to facilitate poor patients as much as possible regarding their clinical, lab investigations and treatment. Meanwhile ensuring the better educational facilities for the upcoming medical students.

Our Doctors


We are currently running outdoor on daily basis

20 beaded ward with all facilities available.

We are performing dermatological procedures like electro cautery, elector fulgration, cryotherapy and skin biopsies,woods lamp examination