July 19, 2024





The Mission

The Mission

The Mission of Gulab Devi Chest Hospital is

      • To provide relief to the suffering humanity through proper medical treatment irrespective of their ability to pay for it.
      • To develop paramedical personnel and doctors as experts and specialists, particularly in the area of the treatment of TB, chest and cardiac diseases.
      • To create an environment conducive to research in the area of Chest and Cardiac diseases, Tuberculosis in particular.

How to donate:

      • Sponsorship of medical /surgical equipment
      • Sponsoring a patients ( for complete treatment)
      • Beds ,Blanket, sheet or related or related paraphernalia
      • Food items
      • Medicines in cash /kind
      • Payment of Utility Bills
      • Sponsoring of utilities
      • Donations in Cash

For On Line Donations
MCB Gulab Devi Hospital Branch Ferozpur Road Lahore Main Hospital
Account No. 01008-0101-0000024
Public Zakat Account No. 01008-0101-0002144
Crossed Cheque /Bank Draft/ Pay order in the favor of: Gulab Devi Hospital