June 24, 2024







Our ophthalmology department headed by Prof. Arshad Mahmood is a well-developed unit catering to all sorts of patients with a variety ophthalmic diseases and conditions. Our department has been recognized for MCPS training for the past 2 years and we are now aiming for FCPS/MS accreditation.

Teaching programs carried out by the department:

Post graduate

        • Under graduate
        • Optometry
        • Ophthalmic technicians
        • Operation theatre technicians

Not only do we strive to give patients the gift of sight via refraction, medicines or surgery but we also carry out various oculoplastic procedures that cosmetically improve the stigmas associated in their lives. Patients with problems like squint and ptosis are regularly surgically corrected in our department.

The various surgeries performed in our department include:

      • Phacoemulsification (Cataract surgery)
      • Squint correction surgery
      • Ptosis correction surgery
      • Dacryocystohinostomy (DCR)
      • Entropion / Ectropion correction
      • Intravitreal injections
      • Suprachoroidal injections
      • Probing / Syringing
      • Chalazion I/C
      • Pterygium removal
      • Amniotic membrane grafting


Our most recent achievement is the setting up of a low vision clinic. Specialized equipment have been acquired for this purpose. There are currently only 2 other such clinics in Lahore and we saw the great need for of another due to vast number of low vision patients who are not properly treated and counselled.

Our Doctors


Male/Female Wards

Our OPD consists of 2 consultant rooms, a screening area, refraction room as well as a teaching bay.

Fully equipped with GA facilities

Operating microscope with teaching aid

Phacoemulsification machine