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At present Gulab Devi teaching hospital is 1407 bed teaching hospital attached to Al-Aleem Medical College, Lahore. We have got almost all the specialties in the medical field. In this part of the world, we are providing medical treatment services to all humanity regardless of race, cast, nationality and status.

Pulmonology department is a comprehensive department, with separate OPD that caters up to 15000 patients a month on average, a PMDT site for MDR TB, 400 beds for in-door patients, including an isolation ward comprising of 32 beds for MDR TB patients, 42 beds for COVID HDU and 18 ICU, and beds for other respiratory diseases, 4 procedure room with an elaborate ultrasound machine for minor procedures like chest ultrasound, pleural aspiration, tube thoracostomy and pleural biopsies.

We have an elaborate bronchoscopy and thoracoscopy suite in which we conduct bronchial washings and end bronchial biopsies and pleuroscpies. Our spirometry staff and doctors conduct several spirometries a day with our latest spirometer. We have a seminar room in which we host several seminars/lectures a year at national and international level. We deal with patients of respiratory failure so we provide non-invasive ventilator support to these patients as well as having close liaison with ICU. We also run TB DOTS and MDR clinic in collaboration with NTP program. We are currently working on HMIS system which is envisaged to be installed soon for online data managemen

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We have an indoor facility accommodating over 800 patients, with separate units for males and females.

There is a dedicated High Dependency Unit catering for 44 terminally ill patients and a chest ICU that is well equipped with Ventilators and monitoring facilities and has a capacity of 20 patients.

Non Invasive Ventilators are available in ICU, HDU as well as in the wards. Interventional procedures that are offered include the following:

Bronchoscopy - Medical Thoracoscopy - Tube Thoracostomy - Bedside Ultrasonography - USG Guided biopsy - Sleep Studies (Polysomnography) - Pulmonary Function Tests